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Come in a presentation box for the three jars

Set of fruits for cheese

  • Three special and delicious preserves, perfect for cheese, in our new medium sized jar.
    Includes Smoked Apple Butter, Damson Fruit Cheese, Pear & Brandy Conserve.

    Smoked Apple Butter, 105g

    Sweet, smoky and piquant with Bramley apples, cider vinegar, Madagascan vanilla and whisky. Enjoy with Wensleydale and Farmhouse Cheddar.


    Apples 131% (Bramley 76%, Granny Smith 42%, smoked Bramley 13%), fresh lemon juice, cider vinegar, vanilla pods, unrefined cane sugar, Whisky 5% (ABV 40%).

    Damson Fruit Cheese, 113g

    A sweet/sharp and vibrant fruit preserve, naturally set with unrefined cane sugar. Pair with Brie, Camembert and Blue Cheese.


    Damsons 120%, unrefined cane sugar, fresh lemon juice. Prepared with 120g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 92g per 100g.

    Pear & Brandy Conserve, 113g

    All the freshness of English Pears, enriched with Somerset Cider Brandy.
    Naturally set with unrefined sugar.


    Fresh pears 92%, unrefined sugar, water, Bramley apples, lemon juice, Somerset Cider Brandy 2%, Cider 1.5%. Prepared with 110g of fruit per 100g. Total sugar content 60g per 100g.